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* "Fifty Shades" by E.L. James, 2011-2017, Vintage Books ~ "Fifty Shades of Grey" 2015-2018, Universal Pictures.

As of  September 19, 2019, owners of all iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 supported devices will be able to download and view our videos as follows:


  1. download "VLC" (Player) from the App Store

  2. open SpankingServer’s website on your Safari web browser

  3. select the video you want to download and tap it - confirm the download - download begins

  4. you will see a small icon in the browser with a downward pointed arrow and a progress bar underneath

  5. once the download has finished you have 2 alternatives:

  6. EITHER - you tap on that arrow and when a small window opens you tap the file - click the "Share" icon/button in the top right corner - go to "More" - tap "Open in VLC"

  7. OR - open your "Files" app - click/open the new "Download" folder - tap the downloaded file - click the "Share" icon/button in the top right corner - go to "More" - tap "Open in VLC"

  8. enjoy the clip!