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As a Webmaster, you will benefit from our production team´s very successful Spanking site.

You can become a SpankingServer partner today.

We are offering a lucrative program based on our original content.

Here´s how it works:

After registering with us, you will be given a link with your own ID. Then simply install that link in one or more of our banners. When someone clicks on the banner, our system will recognize your ID.
If someone signs up as a SpankingServer member after accessing us via your link, you will receive credit for that turnover.

You may either use the promotional material we provide to you or develop your own.
Text-based ads are also acceptable (but please be sure to add your link!). That´s it!
In addition, you can advertise for us in the e-mails you send to your regular clients.
In return, for each new SpankingServer membership resulting from your link to our site, you´ll receive a commission of 60%.

Here are the advantages to you:

.) Simple integration - The links, banners, and promotional material are already prepared.

.) Detailed and comprehensive statistics.

.) No turnover targets, set-up fees, monthly or annual fees.

.) Prompt, centralized, and secure payments 15 days from the end of each month.

.) Administered through - the best in the business.

.) Our years of a mutually beneficial relationship with Inet-cash.

.) 60% commission on each and every new member who signs up with us.

.) 10% commission on any new Webmasters you refer to us.

.) Our popular and successful array of high-quality services.

.) Regular updates on our site ensure extended memberships and many rebillings!

.) Your 60% commissions will continue for the duration of every membership!

.) This provides you a recurring monthly income from on-going memberships.

.) All current payment methods are available to the user.


Sign on with us today and start earning your commissions right away.

And, of course, you do so WITH NO OBLIGATION and at NO COST TO YOU!

This is a total WIN-WIN situation.


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