Our Videos:

These video clips into the members area range
in length from 2 to about 5 minutes.

Our video clips are in HD MP4 format.
The minimum standard is 1920 x 1080 - 4000 kBit/s

Also the classic clips are in MP4 format
with 720 x 576 pixels, have a quality up to 4000 kBit/s.


All our clips are--and will be--in-house productions from Diseno Media HPS, the same folks who bring you premium spanking movies under the Pain4fem label.


The Spanking Server site will never use any clips from other producers. Diseno Media shoots its films either at its permanent studios in Slovakia or in other foreign locales.

We do not limit our clip content to any one special area. We take care to select a wide variety of themes, atmospheres, styles, models, and methods of punishment - from soft to hard, from erotic to brutal, from the traditional to the unusual.


All our clips are individually produced stand-alone mini-scenes and are not excerpts from Pain4fem videos or any others.


SpankingServer Membership is  € 23.99  for the first month, and only € 19.99 as of the second month.

Membership will be automatically renewed each month unless cancelled.

You can cancel anytime without restrictions, penalties, or cancellation fees.

The Members Web Site has a direct link to facilitate cancellation.

A non-recurring 28-day membership is also available.

What do you get as member?


All videos


  • 20 + 1  SpankingServer clips weekly, update every Friday including


  • 15 SpankingServer HD-MP4 clips, 1920 x 1080 - 4000 KBit/s including 5 previously unpublished clips as a world premiere


  • 5 Clips SpankingServer MP4 clips,  720x576 - 1000 KBit/s


  • 1 SpankingMachine clip as  BONUS


  • access to the last 2 weekly updates = 40 + 2 clips


  • PERMANENT BONUS: 40 clips "2punish.com"      (> 5 GB)


  • 1,000s of archive photos to download


  • occasional FREE BONUS clips for members

Important Information:

Do NOT share your login with anyone!
We automatically disable shared accounts!

We don't send you any undesirable e-mails; we will not give, sell, trade or otherwise disclose your e-mail address to any third party; and we do not use intrusive cookies.

We value our members´ privacy and will keep all of your personal data - including your credit card information - completely confidential and under strict access controls. As our on-line payment processor we have chosen Inet-cash,
a company with a worldwide reputation for integrity and security.

At irregular intervals previously presented clips are provided to the Spanking Video Club available. There you will have the opportunity to acquire the video clips in packages.

Our huge collection of high resolution photos offers a wide variety of subjects. And although many of them are taken on the set of our films and thus provide an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the making of our videos, they are not simply video stills but individually posed shots or taken from different angles.

We cannot disclose personal information about our models, such as e-mail addresses or other means of contacting them, due to contractual agreements.

All of our models are at least 18 years old and participate willingly in our productions.

Due to program parameters, we cannot accomodate individual preferences regarding the presentation sequence of our video clips.

We are a spanking, caning and whipping video production and these are ADULTS ONLY sites including pictures and videos of well chastised female bottoms and more.

We produce spankingvideos, caningvideos, whippingvideos and bdsm videos.

Some pictures and videos on Spanking Server and Spanking Video Club, may not be to everyone's taste so you are advised to leave now if such pictures may offend you. It is illegal to enter these sites if you are under 18 years of age or are below the legal age to view such material in your country or state. All actresses are over 18 years of age, and if you are searching for illegal material please leave our site.